Four Stroke

Much as I specialise in 2 strokes, I have plenty of experience in 4 stroke carburation, ignition and fuel injection setting. Although I donít develop four stroke engines, I do understand them and can help you improve yours. Your information and settings gained will stay confidential if you, giving you the edge at the track.

I are aware that having an understanding of how carbs work, is now getting a bit thin on the ground. I have been improving 4 stroke carburation for a long time and understand that obtaining good fuelling isnít always just down to the carb so can advise on awkward fuelling behaviour. We have a large range of Mikuni round and hex jets, and a range of Keihin round and Hex jets.

Two Stroke

2 stroke dyno set-up is what I excel at.

Whatever you need, if itís possible to adjust, I can make the best of it.

I have massive experience in programmable ignition systems especially ProDigital, Zeeltronic. I have also programmed many Ignitech, Racetech systems together with accurately setting basic analogue ignitions.

We have an extensive range of jets Mikuni, Keihin, and Dellorto, we also hold Powerjet Jets and many others.

I am one of the top 2 stroke dyno centres in the UK. I have set-up a land speed record bike prior to breaking the record and are also the dyno centre for choice for the most powerful LCs in the country.  

So whatever you need, weather you need a set-up for your newly built engine, looking for where to go for the next performance increase, or to solve a bad running problem, this is the place to come.


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