What we do and what we don't



What we do and what we donít

What we do 

With many years dyno testing all types of bikes, if we take on a job you can be sure we will know what we are doing.

We endeavour to tell you about your particular engines behaviour after testing.

Our dyno is kept well calibrated so it reads exactly the same as it did when we first started many years ago.

We endeavour to improve the whole of your power curve and if possible extend it.

Any engine built here will perform to a good standard and reliable.

Any engine built here is built to a standard I would use.

We do things the way we do because we have found it to be beneficial.

If there are any issues found with a bike when dyno testing you will be told before the bike leaves here.

What we donít do

We Do Not artificially pump up/re-calibrate our dyno figures to make our or customers bikes look good. We know the industry is rife with it. We believe our customers want the truth.

We do not build peaky engines.

We do not build unreliable engines. Especially for the sake of a couple of hp.

We donít do things just because others do it, or because most people do it.

We donít take on cheap budget engine builds. If we canít do a job properly, we wonít take it on.

We donít test out theories on customer engine builds (this is quite common from tuners)

We DO NOT test bikes running FULL AVGAS with oil mixtures richer than 30:1  our extraction system and test equipment is not designed for it and dramatically reduces the life of our components.


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What we do and what we don't  
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