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2 stroke motocross bikes are off-road race bikes. Many of these bikes have similar service intervals as GP Road racers and with the added disadvantage of getting used in a very dirty environment. These bikes should be much faster than they often are, often spending only the early years of their lives working at the level they should be. Motocross bikes frequently often suffer from ‘home tuning’ making them feel faster but actually, slower. So by the time they are a few years old they have become noticeably uncompetitive - but they shouldn’t be.

Here at Krazy-katt all these issues can be sorted AND I can find some extra power that the bike didn’t have in the beginning.

Vintage Motocross

Vintage bikes can be improved greatly and this doesn’t have to include porting those hard to find barrels either. Reliability can be maintained or improved if it is unsatisfactory. It is perfectly possible to get these old bikes to give the modern bikes a run for their money in engine performance terms. Although I can’t perform miracles, (not real ones anyway) with some careful chassis/suspension work these old off-road racers can be a formidable tool on the track with a half decent pilot aboard, or at the least, far more pleasurable to ride.

Although I specialise in engine performance, I do have a good grip on what is needed in the suspension/chassis department, as this all has a bearing on how the whole bike behaves. The way the engine delivers the power can equally be as important as how the bike lays the power to the ground. Getting all this right should result in quicker lap times or at minimum just a far more comfortable, enjoyable bike to ride.

In total, if this sound like the kind of improvements you want from your machine I can help give you a better bike.


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