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Road based bikes is where it all started. Right from the birth of motorcycling, the push towards racing motorcycles started with road bikes, and that is the way it started here. Getting a road bike to perform better almost everywhere or without losses is not an impossible task, however it isnít going to work by guessing or hoping for the best with certain parts.

At Krazy-katt, Iíve done it, many times.

I know where to look and whatís likely to be holding up power increases, while carefully sidestepping power losses. Sometimes itís not particularly expensive, and simple changes/improvements and some dyno time can give good across the board gains. But very often it requires very good quality new parts and an engine built to a higher standard to facilitate better efficiency and gas movement.

I am well versed in programmable ignitions/engine control (of many types), carburettors, exhaust pipes, heat and air boxes to name a few. I have designed parts, that rectify issues and have spent much of my own time on the dyno learning and figuring out how things work intricately, very often finding the reality isnít quite the same as popular opinion.

So when someone asks me how they should move forward at a dyno session and/or to move their own motorcycle to the next level, I have an extremely large data bank and level of understanding at my disposal for me to use on your motorcycle.

Check out the Gallery for a glimpse of the bikes Iíve worked on.


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