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Grand Prix bikes

Getting GP bikes to work at their optimum is a little different to getting more power from a production bike. The main difference being the parts are already capable of making good power, you just have to find it all.

Several things have changed over the years where the older bikes are concerned, quality of fuels and ignition systems. Changing the way you run these can mean it is now possible to produce more  power than they ever did without any major changes, IF, you get everything right.

We have had some large outputs on parallel twins and v-twins that can frighten, or out-perform the newer bikes/versions.

So whether you are being left behind down the straight/out of corners or need that bit extra for your Grand Prix Honda RS, Yamaha TZ, Aprilia etc  to get on the podium - Give us a call.

 Notable bikes

Although I pride myself in being able to improve and get the best from any GP bike, with the Yamaha TZ250 and Honda RS250 being the most common, there are some notable ones that follow.


These bikes have a are built and designed to a high standard and should be a formidable bike in the GP125 class, however they seem to have a chequered reputation concerning HP/ engine performance not up to the same level as a Honda RS125. This is something that we can fix.

There is no need for a TZ125 to be any slower than an RS125 of the same year, so if your bike is falling behind Ė Give Us a Call.


I have much experience with these bikes and have gained massive, reliable, power increases with these simple engines. They should not cough and splutter or be erratic. TZ350s can be made to run cleanly through all areas of the rev range and push out large Power and Torque outputs with a gain in rideability.

TZ500/750 RG500 etc

I have run these before and have the facilities to work on these to the same high, accurate standard as the twins and singles. Any failures on these engines can be very expensive, so half measures arenít an option.

Air cooled GP bikes

Special considerations have to be made with an air cooled racing bikes as they donít have the heat stability of the water cooling, this can effect more than most people realise. I understand these issues so performance and lack of reliability need not be an issue.



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